Accessories dead after break in, ideas??


So after replacing a number of interior peices and rear sliding window damaged in break in I noticed that none the accessories run off my blue sea fuse box will turn on.

So the plot thickens. I thought my work to repair my truck after the break in was limited to just replacing pieces that were broken or stolen. Noticed yesterday that all accessories tied to my blue sea fuse box are not working. Note all accessories are fused but can be turned on at anytime; not tied to the car being on.

Back story, when the perps were raiding my car of everything they thought they could sell, they ripped out my powered sub. I noticed the fuse for that accessory was blown on the BS fuse box. Also the fuse on my quick disconnect negative battery term was also blown. I replaced that one, but just pulled the fuse for the sub. I checked the other accessories connected to fuse box, rear led lights, aux trans/oil fan, light bar, and bumper mounted lights. I show the fuse box getting power, and show power going to relays on the 12volt side. No other wires appeared to be cut, and grounds are still intact

The sub didn't have a relay the other items did.
So what is my problem, could the sub being pulled created a short in the system that either blew the relays for the other accessories or the toggle switches themselves or ?
Prior to break in all accessories worked.

I have since checked all the fuses in the interior fuse box. Tried swapping out switches, no change.

Thanks for the help/ideas.


Im not sure if youve already tried this but i saw you mentioned the interior fuse fox- have you checked the engine bay fuse box? There is a pink 20amp fuse in there that controls some power accessories.

Another idea, when you turn the key to ACC does anything come on? If not, the main wire harness on the left side if the steering column to the ignition might be unplugged/loose and that would stop all electronics from working. You would need to remove the driver side knee panel and plastic steering column collar trim to see this wire so its kind of annoying to get to.

I hope that helps.

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Assuming your configuration does not switch negatives, Sounds like your relay coils are not being energised ??
Are the relaycoils powered from a source different than the fused circuits they control ?
Not sure I'm following you. Have a 12 volt lead from fuse block to relay, one from accessory to relay, ground wire to relay, wire from switch to relay,other side of switch is hooked to another wire with power.

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