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Not sure this is the correct place, but Can anyone offer any tips of tricks to access social media and blocked web feeds while in China?


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Kind of a late reply but have several options available- the Chinese government routinely shuts down VPN portals as they figure out how. They actively search for them. I would not post anything that could get you in trouble while you are there. Be sure that your firewall, antivirus software, etc. are all up to date and that you are running them. Do not have any important data on your computer/tablet/phone/memory devices that you don't want stolen i.e. proprietary company info, account info, etc. Most Chinese websites are an absolute mess and boring to look at; be sure you know what you are clicking on before you push any buttons. Nicer hotels and such will often have internet with English log-in screens so you don't need an interpreter or have to rely on Google translate.

Incidentally, Google's translate works pretty well including the speech part. You can download several languages for use off-line.


I would not bring my primary digital devices into China!!!

​​One more word of caution - plan to wipe and reload any information device you bring to China. You cannot know what malware, trojans or compromises will be installed on it, the better to spy on you as long as possible.

Once a device was brought into China, I would never use it for confidential communications or information ever again. Kind of paranoid, but with the abilities any major spy organization has, the firmware on your computer or it's hard disk can be compromised, so even a wipe and reload does not rid the device of spyware.

Consider using "burner" devices, ones you can recycle or re-purpose for non-confidential use after your trip.