AC Compressor problem blowing stock fuses


So my AC stopped working all of a sudden. Pressure of system looks good, but keeps blowing the standard fuse. Tried going to a 10 amp larger fuse and it will work (AC clutch engages) for a less than a minute and then blow the fuse. Obviously I don't want to keep upping the size of the fuse and end up turning my Montero into a Car-B-Q. Any ideas, is the problem likely the compressor/fan clutch? Should I just replace the whole compressor, or could it be a bad relay, short somewhere else in the system(hope not), or just bad juju?
Don't want to have to take it somewhere to evacuate the refrigerant, if I don't have to. My DV trip will be less fun w/o working AC and my dog is going to be pissed. :sombrero:

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