Abenteuer & Allrad (Adventure Wheel) 2013, Germany May/June 2013


I got my plane ticket,
plan is to arrive on Thursday and stay camping (Land Rover 109" or 110, I don't know yet) until Sunday.
I'll bring - I think - also a few prints of my cartoons which will be put on display at the OFFROAD magazine booth.

See you there!


Hey Michele,
can you pop a pinkie print in for me..
we'll be at the campground from late wednesday, I'm in the throws of converting a VW van to a pop top camper so its going to be van camping for us.




Hi Gren,
sure I'll do, framed or not?

I'll see you at the booth or at the campground!
VW van?
Did you see the Rallye T3 I did last week?
Very cool and capable machine, not a camper but still a van...race van :smiley_drive:
The owner/builder will also be at the Allrad (I don't know about the T3), and he's a VW nuts.

Hey Michele,
can you pop a pinkie print in for me..


Flying over from Tasmania picking up my Land Rover in Scotland and then driving over and camping.

I hope it is as good as everybody tells me because I'm coming a loooooooong way!!

Looking forward to it.



Hi Chaps,
I left the show on friday evening after being told they were expecting the river to flood the far part of the campsite
many were having trouble trying to get out.
the rain has been rather heavy (read Sh&t)the entire week we toured germany,

I`ll post pics when i get home, excuse puncuation i`m on a french mac :-(



Back at home.

The campground hasn't been flooded by the river yet. But sometimes you better use a canoe. :snorkel:

It's like back teeth under water without loosing the constitution. Or something like this.

First look outside the trailer tent this morning:

Hook up in low gear, diff lock engaged

This friendly Dutch gentleman heads north as I did.


No rain in Bremen!


Random pics from the show

Hi chaps,
well I'm home in wales to bright sunshine and warm temps who would have believed it, we had spent the previous 10 days being chased though France and Germany by horrendous rain that was lasting 24hrs at a stretch but luckily when we took the time to go sight seeing in Metz & Berchesgarten the sun shone even though the day we decided to go up to see the Eagles nest it was closed due to snow.!
we got up to see it the following day & it was well worth the 1040 mile trip, unfortunately the next day it was back to rain for the journey up to B.K.

Sorry we did not get to meet some of the folks from the forum but we managed to link up with friends from previous years, here's some random pics from the show.

Germany 2013 173.jpgGermany 2013 178.jpg

Germany 2013 224.jpg

I do like a Haflinger :

Germany 2013 301.jpgGermany 2013 307.jpg

Germany 2013 310.jpgGermany 2013 312.jpg

More to follow

regards all


A bit late with this post, but we were there in a 1994 Iveco displaying the Ozi flag.
Conditions did get pretty sticky.
P1000701E.jpg P1000703E.jpg P1000702cE.jpg

No one was exempt. The Germans sure do like their BIG rigs.
P1000694cE.jpg P1000698ce.jpg

OKA196 (in Australia)
Currently in Turkey.


Allrad Solar For John

Panels in various sizes
Germany 2013 294.jpg

Prototype camper shell by a Boat builder incorporating a solar panel in the pop roof, the panel is structural and will support someone standing on it, no details of the panels sadly.
Germany 2013 437.jpg Germany 2013 431.jpg

The sockets on the side allow legs or anything else to be attached/removed and leaves a smooth side
Germany 2013 440.jpg

Stainless steel socket
Germany 2013 434.jpg

It's things like this that make the 2000 mile trip worth it