Abenteuer & Allrad 2017!


A Few more from the campsite.

Lots of trucks up for sale, If you are in the market for a travel ready camper here is the place.


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The VW is a Crafter 4x4, prior to seeing the crafter I was looking for a good 4x4 sprinter, we are now looking for a Crafter 4x4 to replace our T5.

I took a few pics of the Vw's I'll try and post them up ASAP


First time to the show and went on Sunday with my family, big mistake, had to run through it in about four hours. Sorry, not much time so no pictures. The parking lot was impressive, can't imagine what the campground is like. It was fun driving north on the A7 and seeing all the rigs heading the other direction from the show. Next year I will spend a night or two in the campground.


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Yep, I'm going... from Antwerp to Bad Kissing for the weekend. I'm probably the only Landcruiser GRJ79 series from Belgium their. But hope to see more of them

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