Abandoned/derelict sites

Heading Out

Making our way down an old wagon trail to search for the river crossing.
The route out can be see on the right side of the photo, climbing to the right.
This was a supply route from the railroad depot in Wells NV to Boise ID



One of my favourites. Richardson Dock.
Used to be a hopping place fueling fishing boats & vehicles and busy cafe/tavern. A cannery was nearby, now long gone.
The white pedestal to the left is derelict electrical cabinet its exposed bussbars easily touched. As of a couple years ago still energised ! Free electricity... or the careless people visit God...
The building on the pier was the office and pumps. To left that vacant section of pier was the cafe what burnt about 1980.
Last I known the property is for sale ! But who wants to buy a brownfield no matter the view ?D0B1E314-E153-4B5E-9954-C86A9B4ED1F5.jpeg
And what it looks like from the water. 443CC4E5-3324-4E2F-93A1-C89367B4280E.jpeg
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On a recent trip to the Isle of Skye we took a hike to a remote peninsula and found some curious workings. After bumping into a local enthusiast and a bit of Googling we discovered it is a very old canal.

It turns out that it was built by Vikings and connects the sea with a small loch. The loch would have been used to repair Viking ships and the Vikings would have hauled their long boat from the sea to the loch for repairs.

There were lots of bits of stone buildings, tumuli and caves scattered about, so possibly there was an old Viking settlement there too. Some newer stuff as well but nothing recent.