Abandoned/derelict sites


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Lands End San Francisco

This used to be up on the hill a bit further from the beach. I'm pretty sure it used to be a bathroom based on the tile floors and walls. Back in the 90's it was mostly intact and had remnants of the plumbing.



I recognized a couple of your photos.
Most of the buildings are simply as I follow the old rail road towns, Buildings all have a story to tell, in the one above I think the story is in the cut stone window sills as well as the doors in the tower, kind of an art-ie touch.
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Thornton Melon's Kid
My latest place; North American Chemical Company ruins on the outskirts of Bay City, Michigan. It is also known as "The Alkali" by the locals. I hadn't been back there in at least 25 years.

It would be really neat if someone was peaking in through the end in a clown suit.

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Thornton Melon's Kid
This is a good one seeing Halloween is approaching. I have known about this place for a while and it is hard to get back to without being oblivious to trespassing signs. I was back out by it last week to take some photos of some other neat places. Well, I was at a cemetery nearby shooting a bridge. I asked the old guy working there about this place. Pigeon is a VERY small, tight farming community. "Just go over to the cement place. The lady there is the one to talk to." Sure enough, I went by and talked to her. Permission granted! Just don't go in. I am going back to shoot their yard full of real old equipment in the future too.



Wiffleball Batter
More shots of Boron from my blog write up
Is that near Death Valley? I've never heard of Boron but the remains of the town make it look very recent - as late as the 1960's/70's even.
EDITED TO ADD: Disregard. I knew Boron sounded familiar. Drove through there in 2014 on our way back from Kings Canyon/Sequoia. We stayed on the highway, though. This was in late July, probably would not have been much fun to explore at that time anyway.
Reminds me a little bit of Jeffrey City which is deep in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming (off of US 287 about halfway between Rawlins and Lander.) A uranium boon town that was built up very quickly in the 1980's (to include a huge development of suburban-style townhouses) that was only active for a few years and then went bust. Most of the townhouses were razed to just foundations but there are one or two blocks of townhouses still standing in the middle of their empty cul-de-sacs. Very weird place.
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