Abandoned/derelict sites



abandoned car on the site of the (abandoned) Pennsylvania Mine, CO.. photo was taken several years ago but I've been going back and re-editing some to see what I can improve


Thornton Melon's Kid
I shot this one today. This place was a mecca for car guys to bring their rides and have them photographed at night when the neon was all lit up. It has been withering away for a few years now. There are two other stainless building next to it also.



Thornton Melon's Kid
I visited another local abandoned icon yesterday; The Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad's Saginaw's Potter Street Station built in 1881. This was an absolutely beautiful building at one time. Its not in the worst part of infamous Saginaw but nor is it in the best so little is done for the poor building. There is a historical society that tries to keep it from getting worse but it appears to be a losing battle.


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Thornton Melon's Kid
Those are cool Brett! Next time I'm up in Michigan visiting family, I'll have to be sure to check these out
They cleaned the area up quite a bit from what it was 20 years ago. It would be nice if they did something with it. There happened to be a mason contractor looking at the building when I was there. He said it would probably run $500k to redo that building. There are a few houses in good shape that must have been glorious back in the day! There has been quite a bit of progress to clean up the downtown of Saginaw in recent years. If they could get some well-offs to build or renovate down there, it would take off.


Like to Camp
Assateague Island NS at the VA/MD border. We took these on our Veterans Day Excursion.
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When the NS was established, several of the hunting lodges and beach houses were purchased with a 25 year lease back. After the leases expired, NPS locked the houses and have largely left them to rot and return to nature.
More on the history of these places and photos of them can be found at http://www.assateaguephotos.com/Other/The-Old-Assateague-Island/
Thanks for the link. To me, if the NPS is going to stop letting people from using/leasing them, then they should remove the buildings. What blight that is.