Abandoned/derelict sites


Walmart Adventure Camper
Am I the only one that has on "My Bucket List" to photograph and document the best Tar Paper Shacks??? They are vanishing fast!

Here's one that made it into the Rockpile Museum, WY

Here an old favorite, I've watch it deteriorate for the last 30 years



Every Miles A Memory said:
I noticed that abndoned mine area from the Swell. Ryan (Dr. Moab) and Steve (XJBanker) guided us out there for a memorable trip one weekend. Awesome area
When we doing version 2.0? :D

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Old Tractor in Washington:

Near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona:

Mining Camp @ the base of the Superstitions:

Old Ship near Seattle:

Port of Tacoma (With beautiful Rainier):

That's it for now..I might have more stashed somewhere.


Thornton Melon's Kid
My wife and I love to hit sopme of the old ghost towns, old quarries and mines here in MI. ONly 2 problems"

A. I am too lazy to post some pics.
B. My photography skills are non-existent in comparison to these shots.


Hunter's Point, Quebec

Last weekend, drove to Hunter's Point, an abandonned logging village. Probably unoccupied for 20-25 years ... found the place by paddling in ...

The old church:

Lovely log house:

Rusting stove:


Thornton Melon's Kid
Abandoned Tug washed up after Katrina - Still left on the shoreline of the Mississippi - Venice Louisiana

Just to give you a size comparison

Cool pics Pat! Next time you are up this way you will have to check out these 2:

Idlewild, MI. While it is not totally abandoned, it is only a fragment of what it once was. From the early 1900s up until the 60s it was a black resort town. After all the Jim Crow laws disappeared, there wasn't a big need for the resort town any more. There still are some residents though. It has regular city-size blocks with dirt streets, lights, and signs. There are a lot of buildings that have suffered from years of neglect though.

These are from Marlborough, MI. This was once the world's largest cement plant but it only operated for around a decade in the early 1900s. Some of the remains have a romanesque appearance. I need to get back there and take some more pics.


Recommended books for Overlanding