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Who else loves to take photos of abandoned buildings, derelict vehicles or equipment, and other relics of the recent past? I mostly like stuff that's not old enough to be considered "historic."

Here are a few of my recent pics:

Abandoned building and derelict truck, Hwy 93 and Old Lincoln Highway North of Ely, NV, May 2009:

Derelict Jeep (M38A1) at the abandoned Arne's Royal Hawaiian Motel in Baker, CA, March 2011:

Incidentally, this motel was apparently open for business as recently as 2010, according to some of the online reviews I've seen. I guess it was a scary place - the kind of "motel" where you wouldn't be surprised to find a dead body in the room. Check out the online reviews, they're priceless.

Abandoned Titan 1 ICBM silo, Eastern Colorado (Titan 1's had three launchers at each base, I'm standing on the cap of Launcher #1, launcher #2 is the big concrete cap in the foreground)

Remains of the aptly-named town of Last Chance, Eastern CO, March 2009:

Abandoned homestead, Northeastern CO, March 2009:

Abandoned Atlas E ICBM Silo, Northeastern CO, March 2009:

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who likes to take these kinds of photos - let's see your "abandoned/Derelict" photos!


I am sure you are not alone.

Here are a couple of my recent ones

And some are old, but not abandoned just yet

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A gull keeps watch over the cormorant claimed wreck of the Brazilian freighter Francisco Morazon, that ran aground in 1960 off South Manitou Island on L. Michigan



Some of mine. This is probably the type of photography that comes easiest to me, I dont know why.

These are of old military forts 3000m high up in the Italian Alps. Built by Mussolini (inc the gravel roads) to transport arms/Defend Italy in WWII. Soldiers cut and blasted through cliffs to form the routes etc.

more photos and report on my website: www.siroccoverland@live.com



And I just found these.

An old shed in the Oxforshire countryside.

And some macro work from the Docks here in Bristol Harbourside

DSC_0215.jpgDSC_0091.JPGDSC_0090.JPGDSC_0212.jpg DSC_0219.jpgDSC_0093.JPG

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Now you got me looking at old photos trying to find more derelict buildings

Some random Ghost town in Alabama. This town was spooky because a Lumber company had come in and bought a few thousand acres which included the town. I guess the people packed up and left, but the main street still just sits there like the doors could be unlocked and opened back up and it would be up and running.

The shelves of the stores still have stuff on them. Cindy and I just shut the truck off right in the middle of the road and walked around for an hour or so. Never had another car pass by and heard nothing stir other than the wind. It was sort of spooky

You know it closed down a long time ago if gas was only .50 cents


Inside an old homestead in the Quachita National Forest in Arkansas:

Lots of old homes in the area

Old abandoned hotel in some backroad village in Czech Republic:

Abandoned buildings in Slovakia:

Don't know if it was abandoned or not, but this was on a highway in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt