A tiny trailer build.


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Thank you so much! I’m really enjoying it. I got a little done today, the door casing now is full depth and will hold a bookshelf over the door when complete. I hope to work on attaching it tomorrow. It is quite cold here at night so I must figure out how to keep the glue and adhesive warm until it cures. I do have heat lamps and a heater out there.


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I took advantage of a good sunny day to get the door casing glued in place. It was 80 degrees in the trailer when I finished and still 75 a couple of hours later. Glue is good to go. It is 40 something outside, with about 6” of snow on the ground. Figured I needed to get this bit done.


And a view of the little shelf above the door.


The space at the front of the trailer, next to the bed will become a cabinet (the part in the corner) and the open area where the little table is will hold my ‘campaign’ desk. I modified the legs to be vertical and the thing will be held in place with a bracket so it is still removable for use outside.

The campaign desk is made from a wooden battery box from long ago, the lid is made from pallet boards and the legs are military surplus tent poles. Making them vertical will make it work in the trailer.



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Thinking about a 11/2 To 2 inch lip on the bookshelf above the door or a bungee cord/net to keep items in place while traveling?
Like the desk too!


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Oh yes, not sure whether bungee or lip on the shelf. I think the upper part of the cabinet to the right of the door may be a ‘normal’ height bookshelf too.
Thanks, that desk is a special item. I like it a lot.