A sister for my M101A2


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you got it BAD...!!

Be anxious to see what's in store for this little treasure....:smiley_drive:

Mark Harley

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I know Pat!
I figure once I sell off all the extra parts I don't need It will pay for itself.
Not bad for $150.00


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Uh oh... You must have gotten bit by the same bug that got me! Lol! I got my first m100 in January and recently bought a m416.


Just think the "new" M116 will make a better float platform for next years parade. Your family hauler looked good but I think the M116 fits the bill a little better for that use. Then just make some stake sides and you can use that as your all purpose utility hauler and finish the family hauler as more expo based.

Mark Harley

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Pike man you are correct on that one.
I think it will become a custom stake bed hauler.
Matching wheels and paint and custom OAK sides.


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Is there a support group for you people?..

Oh yeah, it's called ExPo. :coffeedrink:

Mark Harley

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It was too good to pass up.
I cant get a harbor freight trailer for $150.00

I will make the purchase price back when I sell the left over parts and scrap steel.
235-85-16 tires are worth more than that.
I bought an adjustible channel and tail lights for it already.
I need one more 16 x 6.5 GM 8 bolt rim and I am ready to go.

I like Don Beasleys bumper on his 416 so much I am making one for this one.

to sell, Steel cage, military plug and cord, military tail lights, Lunette I plan to keep the parking brakes if they work well.

This is what it looked like in full dress Military the tax payers paid $21,000 for it new.



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Any more of the red one? Build thread? I just bought my first M101 and am looking for more inspiration :sombrero:

EDIT: NM - Found it!!

Mark Harley

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DSC06594.JPGDSC06595.JPGDSC06596.JPGDSC06597.JPGDSC06574.JPGI spent the morning removing the cage, brackets, mounts, electrical, lights and 30 pounds of grade 8 bolts holding them.
I found that I had brought a hitch hiker back from Virginia A Black Widow spider.

Off to the scrap yard on monday to see If I made the $150.00 cost of the trailer in scrap.

Mark Harley

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I scrapped the removed steel and aluminum for $120.00 this takes the trailer down to $30.00 and $100.00 gas and food to pick it up.
I have offers on the lunette, wheels, lights, jerry can holders, and 12 pin plug. When I sell these I can get the parts needed to complete the rolling frame.

I have been kicking around the idea of a tear drop, I will keep everyone posted.