A New Generator?

Ducky's Dad

Well, I have convinced myself that I need another generator to run AC tools out in the boonies and for emergency power at home when power goes out (fairly often). I have a fairly large wheeled generator, nominally 4500W, but it's a pain to move around and pretty loud. So I'm thinking about a 2000W invertor suitcase generator that I can haul around in the truck. Been looking for a good used one, but no success yet so I'm thinking about buying new. Candidates are:
Honda EU2000I @ $1,000
Yamaha EF2000iS @ $990
PowerStroke 1,700 @ $550 at Costco http://www.costco.com/PowerStroke-1...eak-Inverter-Generator.product.100235787.html

Everybody seems to favor the Hondas, but some of the reviews I have read claim that the Yamaha has better features. On paper, the PowerStroke looks like a bargain, with slightly better output specs than the other two, but I'm concerned about reliability and availability of repair parts.

Honda would be the conventional choice, but I'm wondering if anybody here has experience with the Yamaha or the PowerStroke. Still looking for a clean, low-hour used one, too.

Opinions? Recommendations?


Sub'd. I want to know too. I've seen an increase in the number of supposedly quiet inverter generators competing with Honda now; all at better prices. They make you wonder about them.


I have a 14500 watt Generac which I love. I know they also make the 2000 watt inverter. They are very comparatively priced as well. I would check out those as an option. Good luck with your decision and purchase.


I have the EU2000i and it has been a great machine. The Yamaha is also a good choice.

The 'Brand X' gens may look good on paper but they are Always loud P's OS.

Ducky's Dad

The 'Brand X' gens may look good on paper but they are Always loud P's OS.
My old one is a Brand X (labeled as DuraCell). I bought it right off the delivery truck at the local hardware store after a windstorm knocked out power in most of town for six days in December a few years ago. Paid full price and was lucky to get it. Heavy and loud, but at least it runs.


I sell Hondas. We used to sell Generac. We had nothing, nothing, but problems with Generac. We service and repair all brands. The only time we see a Honda in need of repair is from abuse or misuse. You can buy a cheaper generator, but I don't think you can buy a better generator.


nomadic man
I know a guy that has the Yamaha and runs it off propane. Seems to work fine but not as efficient as when run on gas.

I had a Honda EU 2000i for a few years, it worked fine as well and when I sold it retained a lot of value.

I now have an Onan 4000 built in to the RV and it has been fine but is loud.

Burb One

I had a Honda EU2000i in my race trailer for awhile, and it worked great (I sold it, but am assuming it still works). I needed more power for an air compressor so moved up to a Yahama EF3000iSEB, which has been absolutely great and has not had a single problem.

I don't think you can go wrong with either the Yamaha's or Honda, word on the street is that the Honda's are a tad quieter, but they are also on average $50-300 more, so it's up to you. As of now both have extensive repair/ parts availability and will for the future, so for me, it would come down to price.

Ducky's Dad

I think I'm OK with a 2000W invertor generator because I have a 12CFM OBA system in the truck and a 270amp alternator that puts out about 116amps at idle, so I can run air tools all day from the truck. I have a lot of cordless tools that I can charge from the truck, so small electrics are OK too. Sometimes I need to run a portable 10" table saw or miter saw (12-15amps, depending on which one I use) and when I need a grinder the cordless stuff just does not cut it. With the generator I will also be able to run things like big roto hammers on occasion.

I started out thinking I wanted the Honda, but the more I read the more I like the Yamaha. The Yamaha street price is maybe $100 cheaper on the front end, but it comes with the 12V cables, so that's an additional saving. Yamaha claims that their 2000 is rated for twice the EPA emissions compliance life of the Honda (500 hours vs 250 hours). I like the fact that the Yamaha has a fuel gauge and a petcock for the gas so that I can close the petcock and run the carb dry without emptying the tank every time I use the generator. The petcock alone may be enough to swing the deal. The noise levels on the two are so close that it does not make any difference. I saw one article stating that the noise levels at idle and max rpm are identical for the two, another stating that the Yamaha is one db louder. If I find a good used one, I'll happily buy the Honda, but if I have to buy new, it's probably the Yamaha. There are a lot of used Hondas out there at high prices, but no used Yamahas have come up yet.

And it looks like the PowerStroke at Costco is a rebranded Homelite, so it should be fine while it runs but when it quits, it's disposable.


I have this one which I bought at Costco a few years ago. I have used it continuously for a few days during power outrages to keep my fridge cool and have put it in storage up to a year with no startup issues. They no longer make the red one, but make a yellow one.


Ducky's Dad

Seems that remote start is available on units at 3000W and higher, but those get real heavy, like 150 pounds. Kills the advantage of the suitcase package for me.