A new 2017 Husqvarna 701 is in my garage


My KTM 690 had an engine failure in Antofagasta Chile. I had spare parts with me and was able to continue but I questioned the reliability of this bike the remainder of the trip. The 690's have a reputation of failed rocker arm bearings. Late model 690 Dukes and the new KTM made Husqvarna 701 has a newly designed cylinder head and improved balance shaft. The bike revs higher, has more horsepower and torque. When my exhaust broke in half while on a trip to Arizona I listed the 690 in the classifieds on ADVrider. It sold the next day. Right after it was picked up by the new owner I called the dealer in Astoria and told him to put my name on the only 701 Enduro they had left.

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Do you plan to travel with it the same way you did with the 690? The 701 seems to get rave reviews, but haven't seen too many kitted for long travel yet. I haven't really looked that hard either since I have a 650 Thumper already, but the 701 seems to be getting closer to that ideal lightweight expedition bike. I never know when I might have to replace the X-Challenge, and a 701 would definitely be on the list of potential replacements. I seem to recall that new engine is a whole lot smoother than the older paint-shaker LC4s. I also see several vendors sell pannier racks for the 701.