A horse with no name | Victory 4x4 3rd gen Tacoma | Build and Adventure Photos

Victory 4x4

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Hi everyone, my name is Daryl and I'm co-owner of Victory 4x4. This is my 3rd gen Tacoma.

This build actually started in 2016/2017 but I wanted to start at the beginning here to bring everyone up to speed. As this was my first modern Toyota build at the time, I learned a lot and have made some changes. I will document everything I can here moving forward.

Anyway some photos first, then current specs
below. Many of these photos were of the truck on a 6" BDS lift. The truck now sits on a BDS mid travel kit set at about 2.5"


Photos for days if you want more: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jbwrs8iauv2v243/AAALwZYvqeJaafNrP36otg6Ya?dl=0

2016 TRD Sport - Blazing Blue Pearl

  • Nitro 4.88 Gears
  • ARB Air Lockers F&R

  • aFe Momentum GT Pro-GUARD 7 intake (w/Dynamic Air Scoop)
  • aFe MACH Force-Xp Hi-Tuck catback
  • OVtune 2.0 tune

  • Front - Fox 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers, BDS upper control arms
  • Rear - BDS add-a-leaf, 1" Toytec blocks, Falcon Suspensions bump stops, and Fox 2.0 series rear shocks
  • Mamba M19 - 18 x 9, Race Bronze finish
  • Falken Wildpeak MT 35 x 12.5 x 18

Armor (Victory 4x4)

  • WARN VR8-S winch
  • Factor 55 FlatLink
  • Hi-Lift 48" Patriot Jack
  • Warn Epic Shackles
  • Hi-Lift recovery strap
  • Hi-Lift tree saver
  • Masterpull kinetic recovery rope

Bed Mounts

  • Front bumper cubes - PIAA | RF Series 3" LED Cube Light Driving Beam
  • Front bumper bar - Victory 4x4 20" Single Row LED light bar
  • Headlights - Auxbeam F-16 LED Headlight Bulbs (high and low beam)
  • Rear bumper cubes - PIAA | RF Series 3" LED Cube Flood Beam
  • High mount stop lamp - MESO Customs KC Ultimate 3rd Brake Light
  • Interior lights - MESO Customs
  • Underhood lights - Matt Gecko LEDs
  • Under bedrail lights - Matt Gecko LEDs
  • Taillights - TRD Pro with Auxbeam LED bulbs
  • Footwell lights - generic import LED strips

  • Genesis Offroad Battery Tray
  • Optima Yellow Tops
  • Switch-Pros SP-9100 Switch Panel
  • Blue Sea Systems BelowDeck Panel in bed (Dual USB Chargers, 12V socket, mini OLED volt monitor)
  • Kicker KS Series 6.5" Component speakers (front)
  • Kicker KS Series 6.5" Coax speakers (rear - deck power)
  • Kicker 12" CompRT 2 Ohm Subwoofer
  • Kicker KXA400.2 Stereo Amplifier (front components)
  • Kicker KXA400.1 Mono Amplifier (sub)
  • TacoTunes Double Cab Subwoofer Box
  • TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Ham Radio
  • Tram Dual Band NMO Antenna - (Victory 4x4 hood antenna mount)
  • Dragon Touch V10 Android Tablet - RamTab-Tite Cradle - Hondo Garage Un-Holey Dash Mount
  • Front camera with F&R Anytime Backup Camera wiring mod
  • Viper SmartStart cellular remote start/GPS tracking

Vinyl Wrap Colors
  • Stripes - Oracal 970ra
    • Matte azure metallic 197M (lightest)
    • Matte night blue metallic 196M (medium)
    • Matte moonlight metallic 190M (darkest)
  • Sponsors - VViViD Matte Metallic Pearl Gold

  • Freespirit Recreation High Country Series 55″ Roof Top Tent
  • Dometic CFX 75DZW powered cooler
  • ARB single compressor - underhood on a custom mount
  • Katzkin leather seats - solid black outers, black blue perforated inners, blue stitching
  • Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
  • BedRug truck bed mat
  • Fire extinguisher (always carry one of these!)
  • First-aid kit (always!)
Whew... that's a big list. If anyone wants specific photos or information on mods, just post and let me know

Notable Videos
Colorado Rock Crawling (3 video series)

Cabin Fever Winter Overland Trip

Run for the Border - El Camino del Diablo and Mojave Road (3 video series)

Switch-Pro Overview

LED Lighting Overview

Victory 4x4

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Had some questions elsewhere about the audio setup, adding it here as well.

My setup:

Let me know if you have any questions about wiring or setup. Sorry, the truck is a dirty mess.


Victory 4x4

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After a couple of years and 40k miles with the BDS 6" drop bracket kit, I was looking to change the truck up a little. I also really wanted to run our full skid group. The timing was great because BDS is getting ready to release a 3" mid travel kit available with 2.5" Fox front coilovers and 2.0 rears.

Flexing 35's on a 2-2.5" lift meant I had to do some body trimming that I really wasn't comfortable with when the truck was new, but now at 50K, whatever

So first I had to weld the portion of the cross member back in that I removed for the drop bracket kit. Which I forgot to take a photo of in process, but here it is now.

Then mocked up the OEM spindles with the BDS uppers and factory lowers to check tire clearance at full compression at 3-4 degrees of caster. Gonna need more in the rear fo sho.

Time for chop chop. My cab mount chop from a couple of years ago is still good, but I was into these fenders even crawling with the 6" kit, so something had to be done.

I still wanted to mount the fender to make it look factory, so I cut like this.

Then I flattened the mounts parallel with the fender.

Then bent them again at my cut line.

Same deal with the inner pinch weld, but I used the cuts to make it easier to hammer over. Also cleaned everything up with sanding disc.


Note the holes I drilled in the lower two fender flare mounts to accept some 1/4" nutserts to mount the fenders.

Painted with metal etch primer.

Then added a ******** ton of seam seal over the pinch weld and finally some spray-on bed liner over the whole wheel well. This is really the only thing that spray-on bed liner out of an aerosol can is good for
Also bolted on the rest of the new suspension.

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Victory 4x4

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Bolted the fender back on and it looks factory. There is about .5" more to gain here if I can figure out a way to bend the flare back more without distorting the heck out of it... Heat gun maybe? I may also try to get an aftermarket flare to see if that helps. What I gained is barely enough at 3degrees of caster. But more (even with the cab mount chop) would be good.

In the rear, I was running a 3" block in combination with an add-a-leaf. So I just pulled the 3" block. It's sitting pretty level, so I may decide to add a 1" block back once I get it loaded down again with gear and a tent.

Loving the DSC version of the Foxs (foxes?) so far. Haven't pulled the camper yet, but did do a little towing this weekend of some new additions to the garage


Victory 4x4

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Added our new full height bed rack and roof rack plus some dual jerry cans with the Front Runner mount.


When I added these RCV's I was doing some testing for a new design for them, so I couldn't really talk about them. They have been working fantastic and they have since replaced them with the production version featuring orange boots. They are huge. No longer worried about hitting that front ARB switch


Victory 4x4

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Wanted some aftermarket black flares, but I hate the stupid fake bolts on he bushwackers and others, found these on eBay and took a chance. I think they look great.



You guys do very nice work. I'm up for a new vehicle very soon. Leaning towards a Tacoma. I will be down to see you guys if I get one Got to keep my money local.

Victory 4x4

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You guys do very nice work. I'm up for a new vehicle very soon. Leaning towards a Tacoma. I will be down to see you guys if I get one Got to keep my money local.
Great trucks. Really a tossup between the Taco and the Gladiator for us (y)

Recommended books for Overlanding


Very nice build. I am a 2nd gen guy, but this is probably my favorite 3rd so far.

2 questions:
Can you sell me the RCV axles you mention they replaced with production versions?
Can I get any pictures of the front/side of the truck with the new flares? See several shots from rear but none from front with the completed setup.

I am about to paint my bumpers, can't decide on black bumpers, and black widened flares similar to yours, or if I should stick with color matched flares, and do an accent color for the bumpers, similar to the wheels I have which are a gunmetal. Or do accent color bumpers and flares. But will stick to my black sliders and skids and suspension.. I just haven't seen many trucks with aftermarket black front and rear plate bumpers, black flares. My truck is silver, but getting some more images will help I think.