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The Buff: $20 for a cloth tube!

And you know what? It works awesome. It's expensive for what it is, but a bargain for how well it works. They make a variety of styles, from coolmax in the summer to Merino Wool/fleece in the winter. I can't speak for the summer ones, but the Merino Wool one gets used all winter.

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I am from Sweden, and I will never again use a scarf exept a Buff or similar. My girlfriend bought me Buff, the best thing ever. But it is expensive and found very cheap ones from different manufactures here for about 2 dollar each. I have booth thick ones in fleece and thiner ones in polyester. I use them when biking, walking, jogging, even in the car against wind when the window is down.

I have about ten buff copies for about 2 dollar each. I have one in each jacket and trousers and in my Jeep as they dont hardly take any space.

The buff concept



I had a tube type scarf for a while but it constantly ride up my neck and then felt all bunched up and was uncomfortable. I used it primarily for motorcycling.
I now use an aerostirch silk competition scarf. very comfortable, soft, and stays put. I never feel like I'm being strangled.


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A buff eh? Hmm maybe I'll have to look at them. I'm sort of a scarf guy though at heart. Ha today it was cold as heck so I just dug my wool scarf back out and was happy again. But maybe a buff would be nice when summer finally arrives. But then again so would the silk scarf!

Omar Brannstrom

I offen find my wool scarf to bulky. When it is really cold I put up my tube mask (like a buff) over my nose and ears and it protects my face to. Tube mask comes in different lenghts and sizes and materials.

You can wear it in so many ways.

You have to go with cool style that fits your expeditions, this camo is in fleece and is probably very warm, to warm for me I use the thin ones in wintertime.

From http://www.amazon.com/Buff-Polar-Fl...&qid=1428384559&sr=8-5&keywords=buff+++fleece



The great thing about a buff or tube scarf is the versatility of it. Because it serves multiple purposes it makes it a good item to look into IMO.


Aereostitch silk scarf. Two trips up the Alaska Highway, Europe, The Med, Asia Minor, Central Asia, etc. My tube type scarfs are great for static sitting but tend to irritate my scrawny turkey neck after an hour or two of riding.

Plus, if I wear my hat with the earflaps, I kinda look like Snoopy, and chicks dig Snoopy.


Also a buff owner, have one I wear to protect the back of my neck from the desert sun....now I need one for winter temps, though it has been sufficient for chilly Socal mornings. Small, quick, and I forget I am even wearing it though I have never warn one for warm weather yet as mentioned, the light weight ones are thin and comfortable.


I wear a tube like a buff but it came free in a fast bikes magazine 15 years ago.
I also have a fleece tube and I use a Keffiyeh or shemagh when it's really cold and I'm looking for bulk.

I almost always wear the buff just to keep the sun off my neck

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