A FWD Defender??


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That seems contradictory to the direction the new JLR boss seems to want to go. That may be one of the models on the kill list - I guess we'll see soon enough!


As the size goes down the price seems to go up. Nothing to compare it to but that thing looks tiny.


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How many testicles can be cut off from the Defender? What you did to the defender wasn't it enough already?
Do you guys have any shame left?

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Not sure what drugs the JLR executive directors are actually taking, but what market are they actually aiming for? A 3 cylinder, 2wd, 1.5lt, to me, puts it in the rav4 area of non-family people. Unfortunately there’s already so much existing choice for people that I can’t imagine why you’d actually want to buy one.

Curious to see how it plays out


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Yup, lower cost and compliant to regulation. Rear wheel / four wheel drive added with part time electric motors.

Pure EV by 2030. Virtual government motors.
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Honestly, fans of “real” land rovers should be really happy when JLR announces things like this, or the Discovery Sport. Because of the way emissions regulations are set up in most countries, especially the EU and US, producing vehicles like these that get good millage and lower emissions allows them to put lower efficiency, but maybe more powerful or more reliable, engines in their more limited production vehicles. They don’t have to try so hard to put restrictions on their Defenders and Discoveries, because they sell 10 times as many Sports and Evoques that keep their averages high.