A Few Pics from Baja


Very cool - heading down on Thursday myself for 5 days. I guess I am not supposed to say exactly where....let see, go south of the border about 12 hours, then turn west.

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Looks like a great time and the dog even looks like he enjoyed Baja.

Personally I am ok with including locations if it get more US folks to realize that Baja is safe and the people are actually wonderful. Regardless of the all the media hype I love Baja and am always sad to drive north.


it is easy to see it is the right thing to do
Pfft. "Right"? As in "moral"? Or...what?
Maybe you mean "right" as "correct"? Correct for who? For you???
Just want to clarify that you're simply talkin' your book, if you know what I mean, Sr. Suave.
But hey, no problem...self-interest is what makes the world go 'round. But just don't go kidding yourself that it's anything other than that.:sombrero:

Anyways, RedDawn, nice pics of the "secret places" and thanks for posting!:)


Here's a few more from another camera.

baja 1.jpegbaja 2.jpegbaja 3.jpegbaja 4.jpegbaja 5.jpegbaja 7.jpegbaja 8.jpeg

And some info:

We crossed at Tecate on Saturday morning. No lines, fast and simple. No problems at all at the military check points even with my limited spanish. Came back through Tecate on Saturday around 6pm. 20-25 cars in line. About 30 minutes total. So much easier than TJ.

Great trip.


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No problems at all at the military check points even with my limited spanish.
We've noticed that the guys at the military checkpoints are becoming proficient with english far faster than I am becoming proficient with spanish. That's probably not a good thing . . .



It would be even cooler if you removed the locations of the photos. I don't want this thread to become a "flamefest", but there is a large group of people here that feel that it is best not to post specific locations in Baja (myself included). I'm glad you had a fun safe trip!
RANT ON: This thread would have been better if you had stayed out of it! I love how you think that Baja is somehow a secret! Rant off....

Thanks RedDawn for posting the pics from your trip. The Baja trips that get posted really do have an impact on those of us who might be wavering about going there.


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I haven't been to Baja in 10 years and still have fond memories of it. I hope to be brave enough to return one day.

Wow those Baja Prarie dogs sure are well fed by the tourists :elkgrin:

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great pics, and those of us who know where your photos were taken love the areas. It just cracks me up that in an age where google maps can zoom in on anything, there are still some who think that by not saying any names will keep it a "secret"...what a joke....& for those who do have the balls to make the journey south should be privy to some beautiful spots to which others have visited...thats why these online forums exist.....Post on brother....