a creative solution for hidden long gun storage in your truck


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I have to wonder about moisture intrusion problems tho.

(Canadian border guards inspecting your rig now will have to start tapping on your tail lights if you’re a US traveler coming in from a state known for high gun ownership…)


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My M1A Scout Squad is confidently accurate at 450 yards with moderate-quality ammo...pretty sure I could knock a target down at 500+ on the first shot with my 2-7x32 optics. That would fit nicely in a short bed fender tunnel - I can lay it diagonally in the under-floor storage in the back of my Land Rover with room to spare. Your Ruger Predator is 2" shorter overall with the same barrel length.

But yeah - first thing I thought of was moisture and road dirt penetration into that tunnel. Would hope it's fully enclosed and sealed.


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my silverado gets a lot of dirt up in there, I pop the lights out and power wash in there from time to time. would rather just keep it in the decked drawer.


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One would have to install some kind of sealed case or enclosure in there - the one pictured doesn't look fully sealed. Lots of trouble and agree - not super accessible, but potentially secure as few thieves would think of looking in there.


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Oh, I get it….you’re just trying to be funny 😂

Sorry, I sometimes struggle understanding Canadian humor 😒
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