A boy, his girl, their puppy and a Ural: Celebrating 20 years together


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Congratulations to you, your wife Stephanie, and your for-legged navigator. It is a rare love that starts that young, and I consider you both very fortunate for recognizing this and building a wonderful life together! Through the information and stories you published on the Expeditions West website many years ago, you have inspired me so much that I developed a lifestyle. Until the day I get to shake your hand for this in person, Thank You for the impact you have had on my life, and I congratulate the three of you for formulating your own adventures. :beer:
I agree with you. This is such an inspiring couple. I always dream of having a happy and long lasting married life and I will surely treat my special someone as a princess and always let her know everyday how important and special she is for me. 20 years of being married is amazing. Thank you for letting us know that there is still love and it does not fade even if you are together for 20 years. Have a fun and safe adventure.

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