A better JK seat?


Hi all, I am looking for a more comfortable drivers seat for my JKU. Have any of you changed yours out for aftermarket?

What did you get? How do you like it? Any hints?

Thank you all.

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If I were chaging out stock, I would have a look at mastercraft. They are very nice. BTW, what year is your JK?


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I'm somewhat picky on my seats and man do I hate the JK seat!

As mentioned above, some of the quality suspension style seats are Mastercraft, PRP, Beard, etc. I personally have Mastercrafts in my TJ and love them but I wouldn't choose them for a long-distance overland vehicle. Regular seatbelts do not always play well with these seats due to the deep side bolsters. You can run harnesses which is fine for crawling and occasional driving (I run 5 point Crow Harnesses) but that gets old quick when you are in and out of the vehicle a lot.

I'd look into regular replacement buckets. With some research and potentially a little bit of fab work you could easily swap in more comfortable seats from another vehicle. I swapped WJ seats into my XJ and absolutely love them. I am sure they would require a good bit of work to get them into a JK, though.


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Corbeau has a suspension seat called the baja XRS. Looks promising, plus lumbar and heat. 1199. a pair. not that bad.


What JK do you have? I don't like the seats in my wife's JK Unlimited, but I love the seats in my Rubicon X. Might look at Rubicon seats from a wrecked JK...


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I have a 2011 sport, I love the 2013 up seats. but for similar money I could get those sweet corbeau suspension seats with heat and lumbar.


In 2010 I bought two mastercraft RS seats and rear seat cover. All-in-all I still like them 5 years later. They are not an all out racing seat but are suspension seats and quite comfortable. They definitely change the appearance of the interior drastically. Here are some very bad cell phone pics from right after the install.

A few years back it was common for the 4 door jeeps to get fitted with 4 of these seats kinda' cool if you only want to haul four people.


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I remember watching a video from ICON 4x4 in Cali (They do resto-modded FJs and Broncos) that they took some seats from a BMW 3 or 5 series and had the leather redone.

I am actually really considering these if they could fit in a JK. I like the idea of power seats, lumbar support, etc.


It's funny because I've been thinking about this exact topic a lot lately. I herniated a disc (L5-S1) about 2 years ago, and since then I've been extremely sensitive to uncomfortable seats and awkward positions. I've also lately had issues with both my achilles and peronial tendon which is exacerbated in the Jeep due to the seating position and stiff gas pedal. While the 2012 seats aren't the worst I've ever sat in, they leave a lot to be desired.

I've had a few cars with factory Recaros, and I've found a couple of seats that would work although they're a little pricey at $900+ per seat:


There's a similar discussion on another forum that mentioned this as a highly recommended solution. I don't love it in the sense the seat isn't permanently installed which could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective, but at less than $300 it could be a good option for some.



i looked into getting a new driver seat for my 2015 jk, then didn't because the airbag system has to be disconnected from the factory seat which i believe kills the whole airbag system. it would be great to find out that i'm wrong so i could get a new seat.