98s10 blazer build


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some back story

About 4 months a go I helpd my girlfriends brother build his blazer she mentioned she wanted one. So we found her a sweet deal on a 98 2door 2wd. Living in michigan its got some rust but not that bad.

Build objective

Build a solid truck for daily driving trails camping and mud running. I cant get the laso on off the list I wish I could .

Parts list

rebuilt 4.3
4l60e transmission
ford 205 transfercase
hight pinion dada 44
ford 9" drar diff
4" lift front coials

hear is what we started with

motor out for rebuild



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Now flash forward to October

Motor is now ready to go back in and winter is hear.
so back to the shop she came. First things first get the front suspension out. Then remove all the non needed junk like the abs modual and a few other things.

hear are some pics of the brothers truck



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Well work has been busy. i did get the front frame cut off. The frame was 1.5" out of squair so my best choice was to chop it off. So now im building front frame.


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ill get pictures up this weekend. looks like about 7" of lift usung jeep parts and some custom radius armes.

The plann has changed about 7 times this week but im finaly happy i think


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Thats where im at right now got lots mocked up just got to finish the blackets and all


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lots of work done in the last week. Also some changes the orignal plann. The plann was to use ford radius arm. However the wedges on the axel are trashed. this means cut them off and 3 link. i know not verry expo but it will be. You got to start some where to have a truly awsome rig you dont have to worrie about.


I've never seen anyone remove and then replace the frame with tubes in that way. What made you want to do that?

My front suspension is composed of a BDS 4-link long arm kit for a XJ, with TJ coils (soon to be XJ coils). Chevy astro van steering box, grand wagoneer Dana 44 with stock knuckles and crossover steering.

I can post pictures if you want later.

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I have done maney sas on s10 and toyotas. This was a first where I had to cut the frame. When doing some quick mesurments we found the frame was bent 1.25" and with coials and the 2wd frame this just seemed best. I have done this on a few crawlers over the years. The factory buckets wher smashed so building a new frame seemed to be the fastes and safest.

Iwould love to see your build

ill have a nother going soon much more of an expo truck this time no bling links Just strong and simple easy to find parts


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well been wating on suspension parts. the bumper is started tho.

and bars to be put in still


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