*988 miles* 2013 r1200 GSA $17k, all options, cases/extras *last oil head* Seattle






Finally selling and yes, less than 1000 miles. If this were a used Leica camera lens, it would list as 9+ or 10. No scratches on the tank where it's common from your jacket, seat newer than a demo bike, etc. Never dropped, garaged since delivery, some rain, never any salted roads.

Serviced at the local BMW dealer. BMW battery maintainer has been on it most of the time. Has only had Ethanol free fuel.

Options are everything available at the time that I recall: ESA, heated grips, trip computer.

BMW 3 case set
BMW GS dry bags 3 matching to fit cases
BMW GS tank bag larger size.

Alt Rider engine guard (factory guard included)
Alt Rider side stand wide soft ground foot in stainless

Kaoko throttle set

Mix tires, and original tires also included with less than 50 miles on them.

BMW charger & wired quick-connect

Photos to follow in subsequent posts. I am not interested in engaging questions regarding reason for selling and/or low mileage. It ha been run enough periodically to keep everything in top working condition. There is a Rallye 3 suit as well to be posted with sizes and photos. Obviously in 99% new condition LOL

Looks new, smells new...seriously, the exhaust still has not finished it's full burn in!

Seattle WA area.

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More photos. Some of these look pretty boring but are here to show things like the tank having no scuffs or scratches, no objects have hit the oil cooling raditator fins under the headlamps, no drops, etc. However, I did test out what would make contact one time by gently laying bike over so the crash bars have the slightest little scuff at that contact point. This way there are no surprises to a buyer who shows up in person.



all items in photo included, cases, bags, tank bag, charger, 2nd set tires. has manual and tools, etc.