98 Isuzu Amigo - The Darcy Build


I love these wheels. I am probably going to pull the trigger for actual steelies with a better backspacing. What's the backspacing on these?


Think they will rub without the lift? Spoiler...they do. I think I can crank the torsion bars enough for them to clear for now.

What's the backspacing on these?
4.25"BS / 0mm Offset. 7.5" rim. So it provides a nice balance between a wider stance and keeping the tire mostly tucked in the wheel well.

I will have a little writeup on the rear panhard by tomorrow evening. Still waiting on one more part.


I like those wheels a lot.

I am torn between something like those, or some of the military-looking ones. I will need to get a little spreadsheet going to compare weights and all that, but some of the solid wheels supposedly don't shed mud well. I've seen that around and about, so I don't know how common that problem is.

Looks excellent.


I had NATO Wolfs on my Disco and they cleared mud just fine. They seem about as solid as the Fifteen52 Analog HD.

I found a similar wheel to the Fifteen52 made by KMC. KMC KM720 Roswell:
But the Fifteen52 seemed to draw my attention more.

The Frontier had a fairly gapped spoke, and still held mud.

I made very poor decisions that day...


While waiting for UPS to deliver the last parts for the panhard, I decided to do some trimming. Cranked the torsion bars as much as I feel comfortable with - still rubs. Trimmed a tiny bit, just barely touches the inner fender at full lock. I think the lift will have to solve the rest.

Two of the fender flares broke in half during removal. pretty brittle stuff. So now have to figure that out...


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I love seeing an Amigo build thread here in 2021. There are not many of us but we are out there! Space is a struggle in the Amigo as you know. I can see you're quite handy and just thought I would share some possibilities with the rear door area. It is quite the void behind there and I used it to store all my tools as well as replacing the quite useless door card thats there now to a fold down table. I just had to remove the un needed (with our tops) wiper motor to give me a little more space. Look forward to seeing your continued progress.