98 Gen 2.5 front LSD


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Hey everyone, I'm trying to find info on swapping a limited slip diff into the front of my (new to me) gen 2.5 monty and was wondering if anyone here might be able to lend some advice on the matter?

I had a 95 SR up until the end of December, when I hit a patch of black ice on the interstate that sent off the highway into the median doing cartwheels. The vehicle was totaled and I ended up spending of few days in the hospital, but came away from it all without any serious injuries. Fast forward a few months and I purchased a 98 gen 2.5 that I will be fixing up as a hunting/adventure rig. I will absolutely be getting a dedicated set of winter tires, and I'd like to put an LSD in the front with the hope that if the weather gets bad, I can put it in 4-hi with the center diff locked to make sure that at least 3 wheels will have power even under poor road conditions. I found a Gen 2 quick start thread on adventure driven design about some different options and like the idea of pulling the rear diff out of a starion/starquest to put in the front of the montero, the only problem is they aren't easy to find.

I've been doing some research, but this will be the first time I have done anything of this sort by taking apart/working on a differential and I am by no means an expert on the matter. I found this LSD conversion kit for a starion and was just wondering if any of you might know if this would serve the same purpose in the front diff of a montero?

Any advice will be much appreciated.




I'd hold out for a '88/'89 Conquest Starion LSD.

Don't lock both your front hubs on the road in ice/snow with a LSD BTW

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I'd hold out for a '88/'89 Conquest Starion LSD.

Don't lock both your front hubs on the road in ice/snow with a LSD BTW
Thanks for your response! By not being able to lock both of the front hubs on the road in winter conditions, wouldn't that negate my primary purpose for wanting to install the LSD? As stated in the OP I'm far from an expert on the matter, I'm just thinking that by not being able to lock both front hubs (side note: I was planning on purchasing manual hubs if I add a front LSD) both front wheels wouldnt be getting power, which would essentially give me the same number of wheels with power (2 - one front and one rear) as if I left the front diff open and had really poor traction.


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
There's a Torsen available for the front
This is the route i'm going, the Starion diff up front isn't worth the effort (I ran one in my old '88). They're usually worn out and they don't work great to begin with.


From Russia and new! One of the dudes on another forum got one and the photos looked legit. They're on ebay just search pajero front lsd helical