96 Montero LS 3.0, 12valve or 24Valve?


Hi im new here been reading as many posts as possible. Just got this montero a month ago for cheap, runs great, has 200k miles. Been to the desert a bunch of times, super fun.

Need to pass smog though here in CA and its blowing some smoke during the test (actually pretest) and he said I should change out the valve guide seals. Not sure if hes right about that or not, but ill do it anyways.

How do I tell if it is 12 valve or 24 valve, and are the valve seal sizes the same between them both or are they different (so if I get the 24 valve set will it fit the 12 valve engine anyways?).

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You're right, the 6g72 came in both 12/24 valve format, here is a thread with the vins to compare yours against known ones:


Alternatively you could call Mitsubishi and they'll give you that info when you call the parts department. I'd recommend buying the valve stem seals from the dealer, too; so you'd kill 2 birds with one stone.

Where in California are you? I have been meaning to do mine as my rig just turned 200k recently and I'm starting to see the smoke at idle. I wanted to put together a tech day with guys here from SoCal and maybe do some wheeling afterward. (I'm near Running Springs-Big Bear area.)

Here is a vid from one of our members here in SoCal who documented what you can expect in the process.

Its a 6g74, but you can get an idea none the less.

PS: Next time post a pic with your engine, I had a 93 LS and can ID that god forsaken engine a mile away. Not a fan of the 72s at all, despite being told they are easier to work on.
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Don't even have to look at the VINs, only the 12v has the spark plugs on the outer side of the heads (just above your header manifolds). 24V heads have the plugs mounted through the valve cover. Pop your hood and have a look.


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
12v has a Dizzy and 24V has coil packs, the only '96 that will have a 12V will be from Puerto Rico as those motors were long gone Stateside as far as I know.




thanks for the replies, awesome Ill post a pic, im pretty sure i have the 24V version.... double the work yay lol.

I am in north county, San Diego :sombrero:
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