94 Ranger HaRVy

This is my 94 Ford Ranger 4x4. It is not a common overland rig for some reason but I have grown to be really enjoy this truck. I have had the truck for 2 years now and the truck has yet to leave me stranded. Here is a picture of the truck when I bought it, it needed some love but it was a solid truck with 140,000 miles. Now I think the truck has close to 170,000.


When I bought the truck I was not aware of overloading but a friend told be about this site and I was hooked. It wasn't before I was exploring some of our local logging roads and seeing the sights. This photo was on the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route.


But of course I can't take a stock truck with bald tires too far off pavement so the modifications began. It started with wheels and tires, I ended up with cheap black wheels and General Grabber AT2. So far the wheels and tires have been great. Then a canopy, then drawers to organize things.
I was very happy with the rig at this point but then we went to the Northwest Overland Rally. We were walking around the vendor show and there was a 40l fridge on sale. When I came walking back into camp with my fridge my camping neighbor Ed said "You are walking down a slippery slope my friend" He was very right.

We camped in Yellowstone last summer and it was amazing but our ground tent just want cutting it for the 2 week trip. So we got a CVT Mt. Shasta Roof top tent. This has been a fantastic addition to the rig. This is also how the ranger got the name HaRVy, get it? Here is a shot with the tent on top at Ocean shores, Wa

On our (my wife and I) Yellowstone trip witch was amazing, I would definitely recommend it as a must see place. We stopped at St. Anthony sand dunes on our way home and that was a great time once I dropped the tire pressure to 8psi otherwise i felt like i was sinking in the whole time and it was terrifying because we were not with another rig. I know, I know, never go alone... Here is a picture of us not getting stuck.


Also we stopped at Craters of the Moon in Id and that place had the most unusual terrain but it was really cool. We just stopped for a few hours and we were able to crawl around in these amazing caves. Definitely bring your head lamp on this stop. None of my pictures turned out in the cave. Guess you just have to go see it for yourself.





Nice to see another down to earth overlanding rig.

I love it.
This winter I went on some snow adventures. I thought they would be fun but I just got stuck a lot and did a lot of shoveling, fun experience but I probably won't be so eager next year.




Nice to see another different expo rig. I've built up my Dakota to take me where I want to go in the backcountry. Keep it up..


"Here is a picture of us not getting stuck."

This may be the greatest quote I have seen on this site :elkgrin:

"Nice to see another down to earth overlanding rig."

Wholeheartedly agree.

Please keep sharing.
One trip I went on with a couple of friends in eastern Washington this past summer led us through many miles of forest service roads. We had a great time and had breakfast with some horses that wondered into camp.