94 Eddie Bauer Bronco Build


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I have been building my Bronco up over the past two years and just wanted to share. I have been going for realiability, performance, and lookin good as well.

I bought my Bronco when I was 15 on ebay from Florida. I had it shipped here on a truck.

-Heat Buster Radiator w/ new Hoses,
-Police Grade Braided Battery Harness,
-New Starter,
-Sixlitre Tuneup
-Added Drain Plug to tranmission pan, replaced fluid
-Blacked out the front grille for a cleaner look

-Bassani Headers with Y - Pipe and Hooker Aerochamber 3'' all the way.
-BDS 4 inch lift with extended radius arms, BDS Leaf pack, and 6 Bilstein 5100 Shocks
-New Sound System (Pioneer Head Unit, 2 amps, 600 watt 4 ch for speakers, and 800 watt Monoblock for subs, Kicker Speakers all the way around)
-Limo Tint in the Rear and 20% in the Front
-33x12.5 BFG AT KO on Centerline Billet 15x10 Hammer Series
-Hefty Front Bumper w/ 10,000lb Winch
-Hefty Sliders w/ a removable step
-Avital Keyless entry, alarm, and remote start
-Hella 6" 700ff 6,000 HID Lights
-New Valve Body fron the Punisher
-Tuffy Center Console

This is when I first got it 2 1/2 years ago.

After the Lift

Here is how she sits now



I will get some more pics up soon.

My intentions are to keep this truck going. With the price of gas these days its really hard to do any offroading.
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This is really just my daily driver for now so I cant do anything that really alters my mpg too much. I still have a bunch of little projects to do on it.

-Finish Bolting Down Center Console
-Repaint Sliders/Bedline them
-Build a more user friendly sub box still using the same subs. Just make them downfiring and tucked off into the corner(2x12's MTX Terminators)
-Find a place to safely mount my amps to where they wont overheat. ( They are currently mounted to the box which is good for cooling but they are in the way and get torn up )
-Find a place to safely mount my jack eithier under the hood or in the back.

Gas is currently 3.79 gallon here in Houston. I filled up yesterday and it was $101. I really cant afford to do anything much more than a few local trails occasionally. I still have to drive to school and work everyday which is around 20 miles roundtrip plus I drive alot for various reasons.

I think I get about 10-12city and 12 on the highway which really sucks. My bumper is very heavy which I know has alot to do with it. I also am running stock 3.55 gears. One day I would love to get 4.56 gears with a front and rear locker. I am still in High school and about to be in college so I have to keep some funds around for that as well.


I wouldn't worry about putting bedliner on the sliders; it would just get scraped off. Flat black primer is easy to touch up when you beat them up.