'93 LiteAce,


Lets get more then one thread in this section.

I love driving my Van, getting about 20-22 miles a gallon on the 2CT motor and auto trans.
Only running about 60-65 on the Hwy's but that's enough, and can push it to 70 when on the TurnPike, reving high in the RPMs.
I have a few planned mods to make this a weekend travel rig.
At current that is to add a shelf/drawer set up in the rear. Something like this.
Stole from TVT.com from a preva, looks like a great idea. Would like to pull out and also use as a narrow table top.
need to make.jpg

I'm still figuring out this lovely Japanese craftsmanship.
Like, what is this to be used for?
front bumber.JPG


Its about 4" deep, with a 6" wide opening, tapering down to 4" towards the back.
I guess a light but seems extra for just one light dead center of a stock bumper.

The A/C works well when driving, but when stopped blows ambient temp. air. I hope a quick cleaning of Ac parts will do the trick.

Hope you like my van, aptly named, Vandi.


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For some reason I cannot open the images in a large view.
That on the front bumper is the place where the license plate used to go.

Those are nice vans. Usually a lot of sunroofs right? Or those on the edge of the roof, which can fold open a bit.


Yep, a license plate from the dealer was covering that square portion of the bumper.
I have lots of natural light, that's one reason I bought this model.

The two above the front seats pop up as well as two directly behind. the two at very rear do not open.
the two in the center come all the way off. Im just waiting on no rain in the forecast to take them off.


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Yeah I saw them relatively often in Russia. Also the ToyoAce or TownAce, they are different, but similar size and lot of these same pop up sunroofs.
Look like great vans to me.