8x6.5 to 6x5.5 Adapter for M101a2


I purchased a new Toyota 4Runner, and while working on my M101 and trying to find a deal on a spare tire for it, I was thinking, I could potentially just get some take-off Toyota wheels/tires on Craigslist, and allow my trailer spare to double as a truck spare. I see they make 8x6.5 to 6.5.5 wheel adapters, but I'm reading some pretty bad reviews on some forums or review sites, and some people saying they had issues with them with drum brakes? Just wondering if anyone here whose got an M101 trailer, has used these adapters? If so, how was your experience with them?


I’ve ran hubcentric spacers on a few rigs without issue and feel confident about them. The two piece spacers and non hubcentric spacers I would only consider for temporary use such as to adapt your 6 lug Toyota wheel to the 8 lug trailer axle to get by. I am considering this for my M101a3 as I do not want to drop to a 3500lb hub And be able to use my 5 lug Jeep spare to get home or to a tire shop.

edit: while browsing other threads I came across this:

this thread shows two options for you. Swap the hubs/brakes to 6 lug or use the two piece spacers to adapt. seems he is having good luck with this. FYI.
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