89 Pathfinder 4x4 van hybrid build


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Great looking work! I also have a Pathfinder, E350. I took off the goofy diagonal front bars and am building crossover steering and a traditional panhard bar. I also contacted a great guy at Lord Industries, who originally built the bushings for Pathfinder. He was able to get me some great schematics and also a tech note from a while back on another bushing they still produce that can be easily modified to work on the coil front axle. I had already made a mold and poured mine with poly, but it may be helpful. Love the full size vans, this is my fourth, your project looks amazing.


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Did you convert that from a slider to the swing side doors? I have a '75 Pathfinder G30 and the slider hits the back tire.
No I didnt. It came from the factory that way. It was very common for the older vans up until around the early to mid 80's to have a sliding door. They were very troublesome especially now trying to find parts for them.


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I have owned lots of the old Chevy vans and used them for work. They were mostly beater work vans but I still love the sliding door. As long as you keep the system lubricated they worked quite well. I always had a can of spray I could give it a shot if it started sticking. There used to be an aftermarket rear arm that was lengthended so that the door would not hit wide tires when opened. You could probably just lengthen a stock one and it would do the same job. I would not mind finding an old Chevy van and doing a sas on it for a new rig. You can always post more pics of your fine rig Mr JN. We can never gety enough pics of fine Chevy rides. I call it Chevy porn. Cheers, Chilli...😎