86 toyota 4Runner elocker 33's rebuilt. Atlanta area

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Including a ton of spare parts. I was building it for expedition travel and my needs have changed. Hate to sell it but can't justify having a 3rd vehicle sitting around.


86 4runner. 5 speed, sunroof, power windows and locks. I built this as a expedition truck. As such it is still IFS.

Let's get the bad out of the way
Paint is horrible! Interior is worn
It has a bad IAC that makes it hard to start.
A/C has a bad expansion valve. Valve is included but needs to be installed and system charged. System is not open and sealed and does not have leaks.

Ok the good
It has 33 x 12.5's
It has been regeared to 4.88 so it is happy to run Down the hwy at 70mph in 5th getting 22-24mpg on those 33's
It has a TRD electric locker in the rear axle.
It has a neapo lift to level it (coil helpers)

In the last 20k the engine, transmission, rear axle have all been rebuilt. Engine got a mild cam and its pretty peppy for a 4cyl but would still pas smog (now old enough its smog exempt in GA). New clutch

Upgraded brakes to the larger 4 piston calipers off 90's V6 trucks and a master cyl of a FJ 80. It can lock the 33's
Comes with spare hard top that I had planned to modify but it will go with the truck.
Extra transfer case included to make a crawler box
Spare axle shaft for the back and half shafts for the front
Soft top in fair condition. One window has a crack
Spare front diffs.
4:10 rear third spare
Custom rear side walls with storage doors.
Rear brace added to IFS to strengthen it
2 33in spares mounted
Spare Steering box (actually this is a very low mile Rebuilt that I was going to install).

Only reason I'm selling it is I need something to pull a trailer that's just more the a 4cyl can handle. As you can see I went through this truck and had planned to keep it for a long time. I have way more into it then my asking price.



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Grim Reaper

Expedition Leader
It's a southern truck. Nice red/orange haze on the undercarriage from our georgia red clay but no rust. Never had and bolts that have me a problem coming out.
There were a couple spots around the tail lights were the paint was scraped and it had some surface rust that I sand blasted to clean metal and painted. No other "rust" issues. If you click that link in my sig for the truck build there may be a few interior shots that still show. A bunch of my pictures were lost in a forum update a couple years ago.
It's a 86. Dash is actually better then most of the age. Carpet is dirty and stained Worst part of the interior is the bolster on the driver seat worn through from getting in and out.
I'm planning to hit a fabric store and recover the armrest on the center console and see if I can sew a new shift boot.
I'll try and get some more interior shots when I get home tonight if atlanta's snowmagedon part duex doesn't get to bad today.

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