86 Suburban, warwgn's build.


Well tried to start itand seemed the battery went dead, but turned out to be the starter itself. Lucky I had a spare and put it on and tried again and scared my self when it instantly fired up! I did not expect that since the carb was dry, fuel line empty and was not sure the starter was shimed right or aligned. I did squirt gas down the fuel line to try and prime it before connecting to the carb and put a little gas down the throat of the carb but still did not think it would fire up and run so well. It actually made me jump since it was open headers and was not expecting it.

Took a quick video but it is too loud and overpowers the phone so sounds like it has issues when reving it, but it sound real good in person. Will do anothe video tomorrow after I hook up the exhaust.



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Hi There!

Just got done reading this thread start to finish and wow!!!

But what's the status now? Been able to work on it at all?

Nice work sir.


Have not done too much lately, got hit by a deer on my Goldwing, no major damage and kept it up on two wheels and no injury to me but been spending my time getting it all fixed up and back in action.

Got a couple thousand miles on the new engine now and a few burn outs, and some stump pulling, and extra stuff like that so the transmission has developed a little more of a slip. I have suspected all along it has been on it's way out so I guess the next project will be trying my hand at rebuilding a TH400. Only getting 8.9 MPG and think I should be way up around 9.5 to 11 so will see what a fresh trans will do for it.