'86 Alaskan, '94 Dodge CTD


Just thinking about you. Really sorry to hear about your dog. I only to well know the feeling. But the camper is looking great. You are getting all the things done and more. My Alaskan has been sitting since May and I need to get it done, but busy with other things.

if you look you can see the stringline and how much the roof sagged. That is now fixed with new roof beams, and I had to replace the ceiling due to water damage.
Good luck with yours and keep on with the project.


Draker, terribly sorry to hear about Cal, but I do understand. Alaskan looks great though. Hope everything else is good for you guys.


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Alaskan looks fantastic, so sorry about the loss of your Cal. Thank you for a great write up. All the best with your project. I have been inspired by yours and the other Alaskan story. I have a new one being built and will pickup in September. It will fit a short bed Silverado.


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Since my last post, nothing major has changed with the camper but I have been busy with it. Here is the list:
- Transferred camper from house (sold 6/30/16) to Alcova where I am staying with some friends and finishing the camper
- Hooked up all electrical in camper
- Inverter
- Converter charger
- Fuse block with all wiring ran
- Installed battery
- Upholstery on seat is in process
- Replaced all Pirelli sealing - used upholstery webbing as it doesn't seem as though it would attract water, its two layers thick so it will provide more insulating properties, and it was 1/3 the price of the original Pirelli which is about $150 for a 50' roll YIKES!

Remaining on to do list:
- Replace old dual battery system (Brad mentioned that he would replace it with the Blue Sea package)
- Connect truck to battery
- Connect truck to camper for running lights (I rewired the plug on the camper but have yet to test it)
- Ordered a fridge a month ago and it was shipped today
- Cover all butyl tape with lap sealant
- Finish platform to allow the cabover to clear the cab and provide storage underneath
- Finish backsplash on countertops
- Mount and hook up propane tank

As for the truck, there were quite a few leaks that appeared when I got it home so I took it to a shop for a professional to go through. They replaced seals on the front of the engine, transmission, and transfer case. When they cracked open the transfer case there were a bunch of springs and ground up metal shrouds at the bottom of the case, but was actually pretty cheap to fix. I put on some tow mirrors and new tires (Cooper ST Maxx 285/75/16) which make driving a lot nicer. I ordered up a bunch of oil filters and fuel filters from Geno's Garage so that when time comes to change filters, we just need to get oil and be ready to roll. Right before I sold the house, my neighbor said he had a heavy duty grill guard that he sold me for $100 which I still need to get mounted. Finally, Ill change oil in the differentials and believe we will be ready to roll!

Anyhow, we took the truck and camper for her maiden voyage this weekend over the Chief Joseph Highway, Cooke City, and down the Beartooth highway into Red Lodge and racked up about 700 miles. We stayed at Fantan Lake and took the Honda down to Sawtooth Lake. The Beartooth Mountains are probably my favorite range in Wyoming so it was fitting to come here first. Here are some pictures:









On a side note: We had a party last fall and a friend gave us some huckleberry moonshine from Backwards Distilling in Casper and we loved it. If you happen to see some, give it a whirl with some lemonade!