'86 Alaskan, '94 Dodge CTD for Sale


Ok, I promised this earlier, http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/149837-Older-Alaskan-Camper-Wanted and http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/34534-Alaska-2009/page11.

I've been busy and though I'm not usually sentimental I seem to have a hard time letting go of these. The Alaskan actually has quite a few things I like better than the newer one I have replaced it with and the Dodge is... well if you have had one you know what I mean, It still is a "real" truck that I still drive a lot. I even kept it to drive and sold my T100.

Anyway the Alaskan is a '86 unit supposedly when I bought it 10yrsa ago. The bad about it: The refrigerator is out of it, the reservoir on the hydraulic lift pump has a slow leak and needs a new seal (was fine until I "fixed" it). Has had dry rot in the lower back ( I added a new plywood floor to reinforce it), and the water tank is seeping around one of the fittings. It needs to have the legs to lift it off the truck remounted but works as it is, the upholstery is getting tired, but all said it still was used regularly until August 14 when I bought it's replacement. The furnace works good, New Years day '14 I Camped in it at -14F. So I wouldn't hesitate to load it up and use it tomorrow.

The Dodge is 94 Regular cab with a Cummins Turbo Diesel with 5 speed manual transmission, 4:10 gears. It has 221,XXX miles on it. (I still currently drive it) The truck is pretty basic with roll up windows, vinyl floor. The only options it has are: AC, power mirrors. I am the second owner and knew the original owner. Most of the miles were highway miles on it at least until I got it:). It has a mount for a goose neck (the previous owner was a team roper, it was not a "ranch" truck). It has airlift springs, and I added an TCT #10 fuel plate. This upped the power to 265 hp. This really helps fill the hole in the shifts between, 3-4-5. I also added pyrometer, and boost gauges to the pillar. I also have a few Dodge aftermarket suspension parts, wheels from another build I was "going" to do. The wheels currently on it are the stock steelies with Buckhorn 285/75 -16 Mudders on it. As I said in the trip report, I wouldn't hesitate to take to Prudhoe Bay Again.

The bad about this truck is that rust has caught up with it. I blame it on all the magnesium chloride on the Haul Road. I will try to update this photos of it.
Asking prices: Alaskan - $750, Dodge - $6500, Combination $7000. I really would like to see these go to some one who would use them.

These photos are older but it hasn't changed much except the fabric has faded.

IMG_5777.jpg IMG_0546.jpg


I haven't sold it yet. One interested. I still haven't listed it any place but here. I do need to get it out of my yard. My neighbors are starting to wonder how many Alaskans that he doesn't use enough does this guy need.


Sold! It's going to a good home with lots of ambitious adventures planned for it. Good luck Ryan & Laughlin
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Sold! It's going to a good home with lots of ambitious adventures planned for it. Good luck Ryan & Laughlin
Thanks Brad. We are looking forward to our adventures in the Alaskan. If you're ever in the neighborhood and want to stop by to check out our progress on updating a few things let me know. We would enjoy seeing you again.

I guess I will have to stop lurking in Expo and start a thread. Ill post a link when we get it going.

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