86 4Runner, 2lb sledge, 33x12.5's no lift

Grim Reaper

Expedition Leader
NO RUB either!

The Uniroyalpeicesofjunks nearly rattled our teeth out last week going to FL. Wasn't really ready to put tires on but came across a sweet deal on a set of 4 95%+ 33x12.5x15 BFG KO's with two spares for $350 after a little haggling. Rodger at 4Crawler claims you can get that size tire on with a near stock back space 8 inch wide rim with a 1 inch body lift and hammering the pinch weld flat. SOOOOOO I decided to see if I could get them on with no lift at all and a stock offset 7 inch wide rim. It's so tight that you can't get a finger between the floor board and the tire but I flexed it out and no rub at all. :victory: