80-Series CB radio and ICE installation queries


Having recently purchased my first 80-Series, it is a completely standard vehicle including the original headunit, etc. This is pretty dated, and currently only the speakers on the LH side of the car work anyway!

So, I am looking to moderately upgrade the sound system - the vehicle will be for expedition use, so a decent quality but still robust/reliable system is required. The main requirements for the headunit are iPod connection (that allows control/charging of the iPod) as well as an Aux-in for other devices. A CD slot is a given usually, but not actually required - if there is one I would like it to be behind a drop down faceplate, to help prevent dust ingress. It needs to be a single-DIN unit as the slot below will be used to house a CB radio (I'll come onto that in a minute..). So, any robust headunit recommendations?

In addition, I want to upgrade the speakers at the same - again, nothing fancy, just something simple, robust and better than standard will suffice. Ideally I would like to replace the standard system like for like (in terms of speaker size) to avoid any needless hassle, to do this what would you recommend? In the boot area I have one speaker only on the driver's (RH) side - is this some kind of tiny sub? Seems weird not to have a mid-range speaker on either side!

Lastly on the ICE front, is the standard wiring suitable, or is there anything to be wary of? Will the headunit wiring be a straight "plug and play" swap, or does it require a seperate wiring harness? Or worst, soldering??

As mentioned, I am also looking to mount a CB radio in the space below the standard single-DIN headunit, any recommendations for a particular CB radio to fit in this aperture, and how to mount it?

Many thanks in advance for your help and advice - pictures welcome!



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Hey Mike,

I found the Cobra 18 WX ST II was perfect for in the dash of an 80 series. It was inexpensive, worked awesome, and had weather channels. The only downside I found (at least with my 40th Anniversary rig with the electronic climate control) is you needed to take the unit apart and make a pigtail for the antenna if you wanted to mount it in the lower DIN. I was lazy, so it went in the top.

You can find the CB for sale here: http://www.amazon.com/Cobra-18WXSTII-Mobile-Radio-Watch/dp/B00005N5WU


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I just put a Sony head unit in mine. The Toyota pigtail adapter is plug and play, but a lot of people run their own speaker wire. I have a radio shack CB under it, and it fits with room to spare.

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OK thanks.I think there's some variation between model years and specifications - some models seem to have front door speakers, some under the dash, some both. I've been told 5.25" and 6.5" front speaker sizes, I also think mine has the the 5.5" sub in the boot (RH side?). So will do some measuring up at the weekend when I'm back home with the vehicle and then get shopping!

I've seen some new headunits from Pioneer and the like which don't have a CD slot, which sounds like a good idea to me - less moving parts to go wrong! So just an iPod input and radio, which is all I need.

Are any special removal tools required to remove the standard single DIN Toyota headunit by the way?


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Beer and time. Taking the dash apart is a test of will. Once the dash panel is out the factory stereo is held in by five screws (don't forget the one behind the ashtray!). There are some write ups on mud, but it's pretty obvious once you start poking at it.