'73 LC emblem bolts


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I bought a lightly used 2000 4Runner after a tree fell on my Ford Ranger. Wow! It was my dream truck/car and has never disappointed me in 12-13 years of driving to and from archeological sites and, not being 4x4, I still could drive logging roads if careful. I, being 67 years old, decided this will be my last car and will completely overhaul it bit by bit. I'm starting with a grille mod, billet style in a '98 grille frame. I have an OEM "Toyota" emblem from a '73 Land Cruiser but I cannot find the attaching bolts, part # 91111-40612.
Have any ideas what the metric size of these bolts are? What can be used in their place?


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Answer to my own question:
I went to Lowe's and paid $1.12 for 2 M6-1.0 bolts that fit perfectly. I got the 3" length to accomodate the billet grille. I suggest anyone looking for the discontinued Toyota part#91111-40612 try that size.

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