7" Round LEDs?


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When you state, Standard Halogen H4, are you referring to sealed beams or Carillo, Cibie or Marchal lights? These all have a hard cut on the low beam pattern.


Sorry. Sealed glass bulb - 3 prong. Same that came factory or like the ones in the attached picture that we removed. Maybe H4 biScreenshot_20211211-101747_Samsung Internet.jpg


We live in rural area so the proper headlight adjustment is important. We tested / adjusted beam so it is illuminating and the correct angle, not shining in folks eyes. Super frustrating and dangerous for other when folks add aftermarket lighting and fail to check beam angle.

As far as light output, the low beam setting has considerably cleaner light output than a standard halogen H4 bulb. I would estimate 3-4 times the visibility in depth on roadway (again with the beam projected down toward the roadway-properly adjusted) and adds width with some slight illumination of the shoulder / side. This was nonexistent with a standard halogen H4. High beams are ridiculously bright and throw the same clean light way way down the road. Really nice.

My son has been driving the Montero with the new 7" LEDs both morning (dark) and night and I asked him yesterday if any passing cars have flashed him. He reported that no one has flashed him since having these lights installed. Like I mentioned before, properly adjusted.
If you are using headlamps that are designed from the start as LED lighting then there should be no issues with blinding oncoming drivers - if there was then the headlamps should be returned for their poor quality. There is a whole world of difference between using purpose-built LED lamps and installing LED bulbs in a housing that's designed for halogen bulbs. The glare and poor beam cutoff that creates is not due to the headlamps being improperly adjusted, it's because the light source of the LED bulb is not in the same location as the filament of the halogen bulb, so the light output can't be properly focused and reflected. No amount of headlight aiming can fix that kind of glare.


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All headlamps though do require proper aiming, I agree you can’t adjust your way out of using an LED light source in a lens designed for halogen. You should always check your aiming though as they can and will blind oncoming drivers, even low beams will if not properly aimed. Heck I have a brand new car with LED lighting, never been touched other than at factory, and I am getting flashed more often than I ever have before. This is my first car with LED (about 15 years newer now than the next oldest car). Right now I’m not sure what the deal is….I think it’s happening mainly on low rolling hills out in the country where the approach angle for oncoming drivers is bad, vs flat ground where I don’t seem to have any issues (highway no problem). The last time I had ppl flash me was after I put all new assemblies in an old Saturn (OEM replacement). I didn’t get them aimed for a week and had to live with getting flashed by every 3rd car I passed. No bueno.


Agreed. We have a '22 Honda with factory LED lighting and she is constantly getting flashed. Never been touched by anyone other than factory, nor will they. My note of proper alignment is referring to a complete headlight assembly replacement. We removed the sealed 7" glass Sylvania bulb from the housing. Installed a new sealed housing with a LED light source. This situation needs proper adjustment. Swapping a standard halogen bulb for an LED in a housing designed for halogen is not what we did. 7" glass halogen sealed bulb assembly removed-7" LED sealed bulb assembly installed.

Upgrade is great. Super happy with product and performance.


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I personally have no interest in upgrading headlights……I just have other things to worry about I guess. I just adapt to the vehicle. Plus lighting is part of the experience. Would I like my Montero to have as good of lighting as my brand new car? Sure…..but it sort of ruins the nostalgia. Kinda like firing up an oil lamp or using an Edison bulb LOL vs the new LED’s
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