7.3 EB E350 Mg Metalworks 4x4 Swap


Here are some pics of my 7.3. My good buddy B Dyer turned me onto the Mg Metalworks set up. B and our pal Conrad helped me swap out the axles at his shop and I finished the conversion in mine.

I bought the van from a retired auto shop teacher. It was by far the cleanest eb 7.3 I could find. Here are some pics:
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How much is that conversion kit? I looked on their site but didn't see any indication of a price. (other than what the total conversion costs could be)
Thanks in advance.

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I've always been impressed by his conversion kits. There have been a couple customers that have had issues with wobble with heavier tired rigs, but I'd still consider giving it a whirl if I wanted 4wd.
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