6x6 Pinzgauer Turbo Diesel with camper box. Gauging interest.

As much as I don't like "gauging interest" posts, I thought it was the best choice for this one.

As some of you know, I used to professionally import rare Euro 4x4's and still run Real4x4.com. I occasionally get involved in special trucks to this day (I can't resist!) and one came my way recently that might fit the interests of people here. The only reason I'm not turning this into my ultimate expo rig, is that I can't afford to keep it and don't have space to park it anytime soon.

This would be rare in North America, to say the least. It's a US road legal (except in Cal.) all stock 6x6 diesel Pinzgauer with a camper/ambulance box on the back. These newer generation models are far superior to the petrol Pinzies most of you have seen or heard of. Few were built in this configuration... in fact I've only seen one that I can recall.

Price will be in the $49K range, landed in the US. Inland shipping is extra. Mileage is very low. Condition is very good.

If someone may be seriously interested, please send me a private message.