6ft wide or 5ft wide Offroad trailer for Baja roads??


Expedition Leader
I am purchasing an offroad trailer and I like the fact that i can sleep on sideways if the trailer is 6ft wide. Cause it gives me options to travel with grandkids thru baja. however i am worry their hwys are too narrow for my likings...
Please share your thoughts as I am looking at about 8ft wide from side to side and my vehicle is only 6ft wide!!


We have driven all over Baja in our 8' wide truck. That is every mile of hwy asphalt and most of the gravel. Going through towns like San Ignacio to get to the whale watching is also fine. You should recce any small towns if you want to leave the main route, or do it without the trailer hooked up.

Chris Boyd

More important than the trailer width is the axle track width for actual towing performance. The closer the track width is to your tow vehicle, the better you’ll tow Offroad through sand and such.

Obviously sleep is important too, so pick the right trailer! try to match the track width and even the same wheel configuration as the tow vehicle to maximize your spare tire options. One spare on the vehicle and one of the trailer give you lots of coverage for challenges.