68 Holiday Rambler Build

So a friend calls me one day and tells me his Neighbor is selling an old camper and I should come check it out. I have been wanting a truck camper for a while since my wife and I go on 4x4 trips and we like to have a comfortable place to sleep. Well the camper was in ok shape and the guy sold it to us for $400. I like unique things and I enjoy fixing and modifying things so I thought this was a great investment.

The Camper is a 1968 Holiday Rambler. The moment I saw it I loved the cool old style of it!


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After thinking about how I was going to rebuild the truck camper and all I could think of was getting it off grid as much as possible. So the rv will have to have a large battery bank, low amp usage, led lights, a way to charge the batteries, so on and on and on.....

My wife and I are planning a trip to Alaska over a 6 month period towing our off road truck and taking our time seeing the US and Canada along the way.
We have been out west a few time and want to spend some time in that part of the country.

We want to be able to live out of our RV for about 6 months. Any suggestions would be great.

Here is the beginning of the build thread. I started about 6 Months ago.

The camper had some rot so the interior came out and I rebuilt the subfloor.
I insultated the floor with 2 layers of R-3 Foam board.


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I'm using 2 Energy 1 AGM batteries and MS2812 Magnum Charger/Inverter with remote. I plan on putting a couple 125 watt solar panels on the roof. The batteries have 370 ah of storage. These are the best Batteries I could find in such a small package.



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Wow you're moving right along on that! It looks like a nice camper for a big roadtrip. Probably a bit heavy for off road use but looks good on the big Dodge.

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