6.2 diesel Blazer for sale


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SOLD I have an '86 6.2 diesel Blazer for sale. It belonged to a good friend of mine, and I acquired it this last fall because I was in need of something to get me to work. He was quite meticulous in his care for it while he drove it. It did sit for about six years. It runs strong and is used as a daily driver. It has 190,000 on the clock. I have all of the receipts for all of the maintenance and repairs it has ever had. I have it listed locally for $2,500 and would help with delivery. My price is negotiable please contact me with an offer and we can discuss it.


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I am interested- could you pm me a contact number to discuss? It is a long story, but I need something to tow home some other purchases.


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$2500 for a pretty capable rig that gets around 20mpg and has all records is pretty awesome, my buddy has an 88 Burb with the 6.2 running a Banks turbo kit and averages 22mpg. This is a lot of truck for the money.