6.0 EGR......Bulletproof or Delete?


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Having some work done on my 6.0....Having most everything done while it's apart, ARP Studs, Oil Cooler, new injectors, glow plugs, etc...Going back and forth between EGR delete or a bulletproof unit.

The new Ford OEM replacement EGR is the same as the Bulletproof diesel ones and comes with a 2 year warranty. Not sure that it would transfer to a new owner though. If I was going to keep the van forever I would probably just delete it and not look back, but I plan to sell it after a couple years enjoyment and don't want to narrow my resale field if it finds a buyer in Cali or somewhere with strict emissions regs.

What would you do? Replace with bulletproof or delete?


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I just got my 2007 6.0 PSD Ford/Horton E450 based Type 3 ambulance back from having the BulletProof Diesel full oil cooler upgrade kit with H(elical) core EGR cooler installed. While they were in there, I had them install a new Garrett stock turbo, bypass coolant filter kit, 'blue spring' upgrade kit, radiator hose, etc. With 211K on it, it runs like new. Although it's a little pricey, if you have concerns about the status of your oil cooler, I highly recommend their kit (https://www.bulletproofdiesel.com/bullet-proof-diesel-2003-2010-E-series-oil-cooler-p/90408000.htm). If you just do the EGR cooler, get the new helical core design, it's designed to let the tubes 'flex' if there's any temperature differential (instead of cracking).
Also, in order to get to the EGR cooler, there's a fair amount to remove, so fix other things while you're there.
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Truthfully I use to advise people that the 6.0 bullet proofed was pretty decent in the e series and f series. But everyone I know has been plagued with 4000-6000 repairs every 20-40k miles with them. Lightly tuned. Light towing. There is just no way to justify it if you ask me. Performance isn’t that great. Mileage isn’t good. I’d rather just have a quieter V10, gear it right, and only have to worry about gas and spark plugs.

At least I wouldn’t have to worry that every trip could end up with blown head gaskets again.


Moderately tuned here. 400HP or so. 40k on EGR delete and other upgrades. 130k overall. Mileage is 14-18mpg. Compare that to the 9 or 10 mpg with a V10. Personally, I love the sound and feel of the 6.0 psd but diesels are not for everyone.

Head gaskets are not really an issue on the vans but better piece of mind with ARP headstuds.

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