5 gal water bottles


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What about Water Bricks, any experience with them? http://www.waterbrick.org
The water bricks are great. What I like about them is that they interlock when you stack them, they are very tough, and don't leak, even when stored flat. I would recommend getting a second spigot if you buy several of these, as the wide mouth is a bit hard to pour without one.

As a bonus, they are 2.5 gallons, and my wife can move these around without much trouble.

Amazon and many other places sell these.



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Arclight, thanks for sharing your experience with them. They looked like they would be pretty handy. Not at the expense of some of the other great products mentioned on this thread, however, I'd like to give them a try.


Are the LCI lids interchangeable with the Scepter lids? The reason I ask, is I am looking at this system from Living Overland for water dispensing.
The LCI lids will interchange with the Scepter lids - Made to the same spec.

They leak and are weak easy to puncture. Ask me I know, dont waste your $.
Interesting. I have been using the Reliance ones for years, on personal trips and with the scouts. The tops leak but that can be easily solved with a pvc plug and some teflon tape. Never punctured one and I have not exactly babied them.
I have had one new Reliance 'Jumbotainer' leak on me after the third day of a five-day 600 miles trip across corrugated roads. It split at the bottom weld and leaked water into my 4Runner's interior. I then switched to Scepter and have not had an issue in the last three years!
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Sorry I'm a little late on a response, concerning Water Tanks & Mounting Brackets. Hope this helps!

20 Liter Steel Water Tanks - LINK
Mounting Brackets - LINK


I use these. Picked up at Walmart for about $10-$15.

I use these as well. HAve for many years. I take 3 of them Elk hunting every year and they sit outside until we need to refill the main tank in the camper. They freeze solid and haven't cracked yet at below zero temps.
They don't leak and have a handy pour spout for use as your main water supply/delivery system when on the trail/in camp.



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So is it better to go with the small containers vs a larger one. Say, like a 10-20+ gallon?
I know it would be hard to move but Im considering what to do with a trailer build and in the interim with my JK. Buying once is high on my list!