4x4 rental in Bolivia?


anyone know if its possible to rent a 4x4 in bolivia for a reasonable rate and that is allowed to go out to the salt flats?

I am looking to spend a few days out on the salt flats and i dont want to be a part of the tours that they run (i am mainly interested in sunrise and sunset photos and i have not found a tour that can accommodate that). I can camp (if that is allowed) or just sleep in the truck.

Does anyone know of a tour company that would dump me out there for a few days?

I am headed down there in june/early july



If you can handle the cold, the a taxi out and back might work. 2wd cars can travel on the salar.....

Taxi from uyuni....


Another vote for the taxis if you cannot find your own wheels. Get dumped at one of the "islands" where you can get food and maybe a room. bring 3 or 4 sleeping bags, and get inside them all at night :)

Well worth the effort, I camped on the salt (well, slept in my truck) and it was brilliant. The sunset photos were great. Allow a couple of nights in case you get a bad night, it's worth it for another one....