4x4 mitsu with Hilo

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Interesting build not a lot of info but for a 4x4 rig these days is a decent price assuming it’s functional.



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Looks pretty hammered really. And that droopy back side. Tough departure angle with what looks like four inches of rear clearance. Interesting for sure but it needs mods. And tender loving care.


Low angel could be fixed with some super singles and a set of 37s. It does look like it needs work, I asked for pictures and was told that the hydraulics on the camper would have to be fixed. Buuuuut at 20k and the winter to work on it?


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I've reached out to the seller, have asking price on hand, and was inquiring.
I'd be cautious with this one. I asked for detailed pics and nearest airport. Seller would not provide detailed pictures, exact location, or discuss details by phone. I did get the following from the seller.

"Cab has some rust frame was legthen and is good"
"cab has some rust top speed about 60 happy at 55, camper has some delamination everything works will not discuss price only in person, all check will have to clear bank before pickup"
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