4x4 F700 on Craigslist


Depends a bit on gas / diesel / which motor / which ratios, for sure - but, typical CL ad, they'd rather field 50 dumb emails than provide basic info ;)

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Considering the hand brake, Id assume its a gasser.
All the 6.6 (brazilion) Ford diesels Ive seen and driven are air brake trucks.
Every single one Ive seen or driven also has a passenger side exit for exhaust, just rear of the cab.


Spend thousands of dollars to engine swap a 40 year old truck so you can get 12mpg instead of 6 as you sweat your balls off bouncing down the road in a couple of seats that came out of a cheese wagon. This is the way.
I assume by your comment you have never owned a 12 valve, my 12 valve p pump is turned up and goes like a raped ape and I still get mid 20’s! and it is a cab chassis 4x4 with hiab and a dump deck so not a light truck!


The biggest problem with an F700 is the juice brakes.

The Ford New Holland diesel exhaust is on the driver’s side and the muffler is usually just behind the cab on the drivers side

National makes some nice air ride seats for them

The AC in the cab is the same as the pickup

The ride is the same as any other medium duty truck and the suspension on any expedition vehicle should be tuned to the actual weight

Recommended books for Overlanding

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The biggest problem with an F700 is the juice brakes.
My F700 has hydraulic over hydraulic and the brakes are GREAT!!! I didn't like how the power steering pump was also the boost for the brakes so I fab'd/ plumbed in another pump that runs off the belt for the brakes so now the 2 systems are independent.

Now my only complaints is that I don't have a strong parking brake like what air buys you. Though I have found that line locks (it has a dual brake system), chocks, & common sense have worked just fine... So far.;)

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