4x4 E450 Conversion Using Junkyard Parts - I am a fabricator/machinist


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I recently purchased a 1995 Ford E450 type3 ambulance with a 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. I'd like to convert it to 4x4 using 99-04 superduty truck parts and a Dana 60 front axle regeared to match the rear axle.

I am a fabricator and welder so making mounts and brackets is no problem.

Will truck parts (t-case, springs, driveshafts) essentially "bolt-up" assuming I make the appropriate mounts?



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Hey Micah,

I’d have a look at how Chris at U-Joint does his conversions. I’m good at welding and fabrication, but I don’t have the experience that Chris has. I’m not saying don’t build your own mounts... just look at other “wheels” before you go reinventing them.

Agile Off Road, MG Metal Works, and U-Joint all have good conversions with pros and cons to each.

There’s a modification that needs to be done to 2wd transmissions to allow a T-case to be bolted on. Frame widths are different so custom spring mounts will be needed. Driveshafts are also different lengths.

If I wanted leaf springs I’d just buy Chris’ (U-Joint) mounts for $650 or whatever they’re worth these days. My time is worth more to me than I’d save by creating and building new mounts. His conversions are excellent... but they are still leaf springs. Agile and MG use coils... which many consider a plus, however, coils are more complicated.

You’ll also need to sort out ABS. A ‘96 won’t have some of the other complexities. Axles newer than the ‘04, not sure years, have bigger brakes. Given more weight and bigger tires it’s worth considering.

Good luck... I’ll be following your build.


The place you purchased the hard parts (axles, transfer, transmission) from are not as critical as the condition. If you get lucky and find everything in a junk yard that would be great.

I second the recommendation on getting u-joints hanger kit. I haven't driven a ujoint conversion but everyone I talk to says it gets rid of a lot of the bad behavior associated with lifted four wheel drive super duty's.

I have had several Quigley's and they can be a pain to drive at times. I talked to a few guys with ujoint E350 on 37's and they make it sound like the ujoint kits drive better than a regular van.

Good luck with whatever you decide

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